Technical Solutions

Storage and logistic platform

We offer our customers customized storage and logistics solutions. Very important companies in Spain have relied in Ascanio Química S.A. for storing their chemicals, peace of mind of having a reliable supplier who keep their products in optimum storage conditions is an added value that we endorse.


Logistics supply capacity for every product, equipment and raw materials are a reality in this organization, having over 35 years experience in freight traffic from the most disparate places: China, Venezuela, USA, Korea, India, Ukraine, Turkey, Tunisia, etc.


The experience of our staff is an important value for our logistics operations based on storage equipment, written work process provided from the experience of excellent execution, and optimum safety level.

Supply of equipment and materials

Ascanio Química S.A. has extensive experience in the use of equipment and materials for specific use with chemicals. As a result of this experience, agreements are made with the highest level manufacturers of these equipments. These agreements allow us to make available to our customers in the best conditions the equipment and materials most suited to their needs within the chemical sector.

Development of projects and adaptation of plants

Ascanio Química S.A. offer its clients the possibility of having their experience and know-how in the development of their own projects. We offer our clients the availability of our best professionals in staff, among which we have: specialists in maintenance of plants, engineers and technicians, security advisors, chemists, laboratory analysts, etc.


The continuous work of maintenance and suitability of our plants has been the precursor of the development of this field of action that many companies are unaware of. Ascanio Química S.A. has the knowledge and the means to develop adaptations in deficient chemical plants. Some of the most frequent actions in this area are: waterproofing of retention raft, cleaning and verification of tanks, replacement accessories of storage devices, pressure and waterproofing tests, design of custom parts, replacement of consumables such as flanges, screws, valves, pipes, etc., design, manufacture and assembly of safety signs, electrical dosing installations, pumps and valves.

Technical area

Our service, knowledge and being the pioneer company in the Canary Islands has generated that many important companies trust in Ascanio Química, S.A. to receive technical advice in the design phase of projects, before operational incidents, and even in the manufacturing sector as a chemical consultant.


Ascanio Química, S.A. offer to its clients the possibility of counting on the presence or distance of professionals of the sector: specialists in maintenance of Installations, engineers and technicians, security advisors, chemists, laboratory analysts, etc.


Our knowledge and experience allow us to offer our clients training services based on our experience and knowledge within the chemical sector. With our knowledge and endorsement of a good number of specialized professionals integrated into our workforce, we are sure to be able to offer our clients high quality training services fully adapted to their real needs.

Security advisors

We offer our clients services of safety advisors in dangerous goods for loading, unloading and transport operations, with extensive experience in chemical handling and storage facilities, guaranteeing the best services at unbeatable prices.